Best ROMS (120)

1942 - Cold Winter (X)
8 Eyes - Belmont's Quest - By Elbobelo (U)
Adventure Island III - TLI (Hack)
Adventures of Catman, The (Metroid Hack)
Adventures of Musashi The (T)
Alice Cooper (SMB1 Hack)
All Hallow's Eve (Hack)
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. (Hack)
Arka Boom (Hack)
Arkanoid - Dimension of Doh (Hack)
Arkanoid 98 (Hack)
Astyanax - The Movie (X)
Astyanax Remix by Googie (Hack)
Baseball Simulator 2013 (X)
Battle City - Googie City (X)
Battle City - Star Wars (X)
Battle Kid 1 - Fortress of Peril (H)
Blob Bros 2 (X)
Bomberman - Bomber Mario (Bomberman Hack)
Bomberman - Mario Maze (X)
Bubble Bobble - New Quest (Bubble Bobble Hack)
Bubble Bobble Madness (X)
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle Ultimate (X)
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle Ultimate 2 (X)
Castlevania - Blood Moon (USA) (Hack)
Castlevania - Bloody Adventures V0.61 (CV Hack)
Castlevania - Chorus of Mysteries (USA) (Hack)
Castlevania - Orchestra of Despair (USA) (Hack)
Castlevania - Overflow Darkness (X)
Castlevania - Prelude of Dark (X)
Castlevania - Slumber of Darkness (X)
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (X)
Castlevania III - Resurrection (X)
Castlevania Remix (X)
Castlevania Retold (X)
Chocobos Dungeon World (X)
Contra - Super Contra II
Darkwing Duck - Advance (X)
Darkwing Duck - Lost Levels (X)
Dr Luigi (X)
Dragon Warrior (X)
Dragoon X Omega I (X)
Dragoon X Omega II (X)
Duck Tales 2 Deluxe (X)
Faxanadu (X)
Final Fantasy VII
Gauntlet - Final Fantasy Epic (X)
Ghosts 'N Goblins - All Hallow's Eve (Ghosts 'N Goblins Hack)
Gradius - Luidius (X)
Gradius II Arcade (X)
Guardian Legend - SE (X)
Journey To Silius - Plus (X)
Kid Icarus - Angel Land Story (X)
Kirby's Adventure 2 (X)
Little Nemo - Pimpin Extasy (X)
Mario Runner (X)
Mario Runner 2 - AID (X)
Mario vs Mario (X)
Mega Man - Bass (X)
Mega Man - Bass 2 (X)
Mega Man - In The Mushroom Kingdom (X)
Mega Man - Reloaded (X)
Mega Man - Roll Chan (X)
Mega Man 2 - Deus Ex Machina (X)
Mega Man 2 - Exile (X)
Mega Man 2 - Gray Zone (X)
Mega Man 2 - No Constancy (X)
Mega Man 2 - Unprecedented (X)
Mega Man 3 - Claw (X)
Mega Man 4 - Minus Infinity (X)
Mega Man 4 - Showdown (X)
Mega Man 4 - Sparking To Hero (X)
Mega Man 5 - Wily's Dream Space (X)
Mega Man 6 - Showdown BR (X)
Mega Man 7 (U)
MegaMan - Bytes Adventure
MegaMan III - Hedgehog Trap! - EASY (U)
Metroid - Bionic Metroid (X)
Metroid - Final Fantasy CR (X)
Metroid - Genocide (Metroid Hack)
Metroid - Mother Brain Returns (X)
Metroid - Omega (X)
Metroid - SMB - Wart's Invasion (X)
Metroid Deluxe (X)
Monster Party (X)
Roger Rabbit FDS (X)
Super Mario Adventures (X)
Super Mario Bros - Christmas Quest (X)
Super Mario Bros - Evolution 1 (X)
Super Mario Bros - Evolution v2
Super Mario Bros - Luigi Xmas Quest (X
Super Mario Bros - Luigis Chron (X)
Super Mario Bros - Luigis Chron 2 (X)
Super Mario Bros - Mario Chronicle (X)
Super Mario Bros - Mario Evolut 1 (X)
Super Mario Bros - Mario Evolut 2 (X)
Super Mario Bros - Mario Xmas (X)
Super Mario Bros - Modern (X)
Super Mario Bros - Rebirth (X)
Super Mario Bros - S Loco Spoof 2 (X)
Super Mario Bros - Toads Xmas Adv (X)
Super Mario Bros 2 - 2nd Run (X)
Super Mario Fantasy Adventure (X)
Super Mario Warrior (X)
Warios Woods (X)
Warios Woods - G Autumn Yesterday (X)
Zelda - BL - Links Desert Escape (X)
Zelda - Challenge of Outlands (X)
Zelda - Time Crisis - Fall of Moon (X)
Zelda I - Modern (X)
Zelda I - The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II - Journey of a Day - Easy (U)
Zelda II - L of Inertia (X)
Zelda II - L of Inertia - no jump (X)
Zelda II - Part 2 (X)
Zelda II - Part 2 - Hard (Hack)
Zelda II - Part 3 (X)
Zelda II - Shadow of Night (X)
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link MQ (X
Zelda II - The Shadow of Night (U)